How To Fill A Paintball Tank

Learning how to fill a paintball tank (or hopper) is an elementary task. Paintball hoppers (tanks) come in various sizes (capacity to hold paintballs) but mostly have one entry system. Depending on the time you have to fill your paintball hopper (tank) will determining the approach. In tournament play it is dump and run with no regard for spill over. In recreational play you can take your time in refilling the Paintball tank or hopper.

To to fill a paintball tank (hopper), you will need:

  • Paintball hopper (tank)
  • Paintballs
  1. Step one in this simple process is to remove the top to the paintball hopper (tank). Most hoppers have a wide mouth that is covered by a plastic cap. This cap is similar to what you might find on a can of peanuts. Place your fingers beneath the cap and pull back.
  2. Once the cap is off you can fill the paintball hopper (tank) with paintballsThere are two general types of paintball containers, the ‘bottle’ or the ‘funnel.’ For the bottle you will need to remove the plastic cap (similar to the hopper cap). Set it aside and place the mouth of the hopper near the bottle. For the funnel remove the twist cap (similar to that on a two-liter bottle of soda) and place it near the hopper. This is step two for both bottle and funnel.
  3. Next tip the bottle over so that the paintballs are coming out into the opening in the hopper. For the funnel you will do the same. The difference here is that the bottle will fill the hopper faster and if not careful cause more spillage. This means more paintballs will make there way to the ground if you are not careful. Spillage cannot be used until cleaned and dried.
  4. The funnel will fill the hopper slowly and there will be nearly no spillage. Once full, set the bottle of funnel down and recap the hopper. Do the same for the paintball containers and you are on your way back into action. Both methods are suitable for recreational play but the bottle is preferred for tournament.
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