How To Finalize A Dvd From A VCR Magnavox?

How do know how to finalize a DVD from a Magnavox VCR? Unfortunately, most manufacturers tend to change the process from model to model. This makes a generic instructional very hard to give. However, the process is generally similar, so perhaps explaining how to finalize a DVD from a specific model of Magnavox VCR may help you with your model. That is what will be attempted here by using the instructions for the Magnavox model MRV700VR.

 Items needed to finalize a DVD from a Magnavox VCR will include:

  • Magnavox VCR/DVD recorder
  • DVD
  • Magnavox VCR remote

The process to finalize a DVD from a Magnavox VCR will go something like this:

  1. Set up to finalize. You will want the television turned on, and the Magnavox VCR turned on. The DVD disc to be finalized should be in the recorder.
  2. Press System Menu on remote. Press the System Menu key on the remote control. This will place the Magnavox VCR in the menu screen. You will see the menu bar on your TV screen.
  3. Press the Left Pointing Arrow button. Find and press the Left Pointing Arrow button on your Magnavox remote. This is the select the icon at the top of the menu which looks like a hammer next to an upside down Y which is the menu you need to be in to finalize a DVD on this Magnavox VCR.  
  4. Press the Down Arrow button. Find and press the Down Arrow button repeatedly until you select a small icon which looks like a TV screen with a plus symbol (+) in a circle above and slightly to the left of it.
  5. Press the Right Pointing Arrow button. Once your cursor is at the correct icon, press the Right Pointing Arrow key to select that function.
  6. Press the Down Arrow button. Press the Down Arrow button again repeatedly until you have the cursor pointed at "Finalize" disc. This function will only show up if a disc is in the tray.
  7. Press OK button. Find and press the OK button on the remote. This will finalize the DVD in your Magnavox VCR. The process will take a few minutes and while it is working, the word "Finalizing" will appear in the menu screen.

That is how you finalize a DVD in a Magnavox VCR, at least in this specific model. It probably sounds a bit confusing, but if you sit with the remote and follow along on the Magnavox VCR it should make a bit more sense. Others will often be very similar in function. Good luck and remember, finalized discs cannot be unfinalized so make sure it is what you wish to do before hand.

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