How To Find Age Of Antique Chair

You have an antique chair that has been passed down to you from generations, but you have no idea how old it is and want to know how to find age of antique chair. Antiques are priceless, and although you may not be interested in selling it, you are still curious to know how old your antique chair actually is. A piece of furniture does not officially become classified as an antique until after it has attained the age of at least 100 years. Furniture that is younger than that is not an antique piece.  As of today, items made before 1910 would now be considered to be antique items. To find  the age of an antique chair, there a few things that you can use to determine its age.

  1. Check out the materials used to make it. Look for different techniques or materials not used in modern production such as hand stitching , and handmade screws. Look for hand applied designs and decorations that would be applied by a machine today. The nails may look different and be square and worn down with age. The screw's slot may be off-center, the cut may be uneven and not look perfect, and the end of a screw may be straight rather than pointed.
  2. Notice the craftsmanship of the chair. Look at the edges to see how they are cut. It probably will not be a perfect cut. On an antique chair you will most likely see nicks, cuts, and scrapes on the sides or on the bottom of it, which indicate it was made with a hand tool. Tool marks such as grooves and scratches may be uneven or not completely straight.
  3. Examine the underside and backside of the chair for carved or burnt-in dates and marks. You might actually be able to find a carved in date for its age. Look at the arms and feet of the chair to see if the edges are rounded, worn down, or if there is any discoloration. The legs should be nicked and scratched from being moved and dragged around for years.
  4. Check the finish. Look at what the grain of wood looks like. Is the wood aged, and do you see age lines? The carvings will become less noticeable and less sharp. You should see a lot of dull and dingy edges. Most furniture in the 1700's was made out of wood such as oak, cherry, walnut, pine, and mahogany. An antique chair will have stains and uneven coloring that show its age.
  5. Get your chair appraised. To find out the most accurate age for your antique chair, you should get it appraised. You can look in a phone book or online to find an appropriate appraiser who evaluates antique furniture as a specialty. You can possibly get an estimate value online or over the phone, but of course this may not be as accurate as having it physically seen. If you want  to try to appraise the chair yourself, you can look up a price guide online to estimate the value of your antique chair. The above suggestions, along with a price guide online, can help give you an adequate value of your antique chair.


How to Know When a Piece of Furniture is an Antique

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