How to Find and Date a Model

Wondering how to find and date a model? Remember when that booty-licious babe in the underwear commercial made your man parts beg to know how to find and date a model like that? Locating this type of hottie and getting her to notice you requires finesse, but the dating part isn’t as difficult as you might think. Models are constantly exposed and drawn to various forms of wealth and power, so you need to find a way to display your individual version of these two qualities in order to attract their attention. Luckily, due to their line of work, they suffer from beauty overkill; so “handsome” is at the bottom of their sexy-dude-requirement list.

  1. Get to the nearest model town. You’ll find a model living wherever the fashion work exists. If your bachelor pad isn’t already in or near one of these cities, plan a weekend trip to America’s fashion capital, New York City, or one of the secondary markets, which are Los Angeles, San Francisco and Miami. This is a numbers game. The more models you have access to, the greater your chances of finding one to date.
  2. Check out modeling agency blogs. Many fashion agencies have blogs that occasionally announce events for models to attend with the invite posted, such as agency parties, gallery showings and book signings. Quite a few are open to the public, so make an appearance at as many of these model hotspots as possible.
  3. Research celebrity nightlife. Identify the trendiest bars and clubs—via the web, magazines or entertainment TV—that celebrities frequent. Wherever there’s fame and fortune, you’ll find a model. These places can be pretty exclusive, so you may have to slip the door person some cash in order to make it past the velvet rope.
  4. Choose a look. Depending on your age and physicality, attract a model’s attention by sporting a look from one of their three favorite-date types: affluent businessman (think Donald Trump), rock star (Mick Jagger, Lenny Kravitz), or hip-hop mogul (P. Diddy, Jay-Z). Remember that a handsome face is not required. It’s how you present whatever you have. Whether your clothes come from a vintage shop or a high-end boutique, make sure they compliment your body type and skin tone. Keep the hairstyle and facial grooming appropriate to the chosen look.
  5. Arrive in style. Drive your own, or a rented, luxury vehicle to the venue, or hire a limo. This will immediately establish your elite status when the models see you exit the car. If you're trying to be the rocker type you can roll up on a motorcycle, if you have one. This will shoot your “sexy points” through the roof. For those with budget rides, take a cab in order to keep your financial situation a mystery until you score.
  6. Make contact. You’ve made it inside, and now your mission is to be popular with the models. If you’re wealthy, get a table, immediately order champagne on ice with extra glasses, and make offerings to any of the target females that look in your direction. If they’re in a group, they’re all invited. Keep the bubbly flowing, and the conversation will handle itself. The limited-funds guys should do nothing, until the chicks are drunk and start dancing with each other. That’s your cue to get on the floor and “bust a move.” Drunken models love a good dancer, and will automatically gravitate to you. Let the body language speak for itself and the female will initiate conversation. If you’re a non-dancer, invest in some lessons. It’s a starving artist’s greatest weapon.
  7. Dating. Once you get a model talking, you’re officially on the first date, and it will set the tone for every date to follow, so make the most of the opportunity. The rich guy only has to continue treating her like the trophy she is via wining, dining and shopping from this point forward. The budget man needs to get clever and expose her to any and every low-cost, eclectic experience she’s never had. For example: foreign-movie film festivals, avant-garde art galleries or book signings by obscure authors. Translation: distract her from your financial shortcomings with lofty intellect, until she comes to appreciate you for your priceless qualities.

Now, go forth and prosper.

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