How To Find Antique Fly Fishing Reels

Learning how to find antique fly fishing reels can be the first step to acquiring the fly fishing reel of your dreams. Finding the right antique fly fishing reel can be easy to do with a little patience. Once you’ve decided what you’re looking for, you’ll be able to set a budget for yourself, begin your search and make your decision. If you’re ready to purchase your very own antique fly fishing reel, take a look at the list of tools you’ll need to purchase an antique fly fishing reel.

To find an antique fly fishing reel, you’ll need the following tools:

  • Money
  • Internet access
  • Cell phone
  1. Set a budget. The first step to finding an antique fly fishing reel is setting a budget. Nothing is more stressful or disheartening than finding the right antique fly fishing reel you’re looking for and realizing it’s out of your price range. Instead, set a budget for yourself that you’ll be happy with. Sometimes you might even get lucky and find the reel you’re looking for priced significantly less than what you were looking to pay!
  2. Do your research. The next step to finding an antique fly fishing reel is searching for it. To begin your search, consult websites like eBay, Craigslist and fishing forums. These will be the best places when it comes to finding an antique fly fishing reel, but the prices may be more expensive than alternative searches. Also, search areas such as local newspapers or fishing garage sales, local antique stores/bait shops and fishing clubs. These may be the places that you have the best luck with, while the internet may be your gold mine.
  3. Make your purchase decision. When you’ve found the right antique fly fishing reel, you’ll need to make the decision to either purchase it or consider alternatives. If you find an antique reel on a site like eBay, check the seller’s reputability with similar transactions and contact them via cell phone to gather more information about the reel. If you’ve found a seller in your area, you’ll have the option to check out the reel for yourself before you make your purchase decision. Either way, make sure you communicate with the seller in a way that will optimize both parties’ satisfaction with the potential transaction.

If you’re considering buying your antique fly fishing reel off the internet, make sure you buy it from a seller who is not only reputable, but offers shipping insurance on their product. You should also request multiple pictures of the item, contact the seller via cell phone or microphone to talk about the product further and even consider meeting in person to inspect the product. Once you’ve put the work in, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying your very own antique fly fishing reel.

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