How To Find Antique Mens Wedding Bands

Depending on your level of expertise, learning how to find antique men’s wedding bands can be an intriguing treasure hunt. If you have some knowledge about gold and diamonds, finding an antique wedding band can turn into a veritable gold mine of a deal. With just a few easy-to-learn tools, you can prospect for gold and come out with real value when looking for antique men’s wedding bands.


Things you need to find antique men's wedding bands:

  • Jeweler's loupe
  • pocket scale
  • reputable jeweler
  • jewelry appraiser
  1. If you enjoy flea markets and yard sales, keep your eyes open for jewelry on sale. You never know what others are selling and how much or little knowledge they have. Learn how to use a jeweler’s loupe to check markings on rings, and a pocket scale to check gold weight. These tools can help you find a windfall and protect you from scams.
  2. Frequent pawn shops for antique men’s wedding bands. Especially during hard financial times, many people pawn their jewelry thinking they will come back for it one day. The unfortunate part is that most don’t return; however, this is to your benefit because lots of treasures are out in plain view at pawn shops. Take care though, as most pawn brokers know what they are doing and may try to over-charge or even be downright dishonest about wedding rings that are not old.
  3. Look in antique stores, malls and even at antique shows for great buys on men’s wedding bands. These outlets will most likely know what they have regarding antique jewelry, charging a hefty price. But, the odds are they will also be selling genuine antiques rather than reproductions. Always have a reputable jeweler check over what you buy for authenticity.
  4. Look at the estate counters in jewelry stores for an antique wedding band. Many modern jewelry stores have a special section dedicated only to vintage and antique jewelry that they purchase from their customers. These items will generally be cleaned, appraised and authenticated before even reaching the estate counter.
  5. Check with family members for antique men’s wedding bands. You never know who may have tucked away an antique wedding band as a memento and is now willing to part with it for a beloved son or nephew.

The search for antique men’s wedding bands can be an exciting and fun-filled journey. Looking through dozens of pieces of jewelry for that special treasure may take days or weeks, or even longer. With patience you should be rewarded.



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