How to Find Audi Engine Code

You want to know how to find Audi engine code. When you need parts for your Audi, you need the engine code to match the correct part for your car. The process of finding the engine code on your Audi is easy. Though you may have to look in more than one place to find the engine code, you still will find it.

Things You Will Need

  • Socket set
  • Telephone
  • Phone number to authorized Audi dealer
  • Pen and paper
  • flashlight
  1. Go to the window of your Audi and jot down the VIN number. This is the same number your automobile insurance company asks you for when you get a new insurance policy. You can also find it on your car insurance statement. Take the VIN number and call an authorized Audi dealer. Ask them for the engine code on your Audi. The dealer has to be authorized to give you the Audi engine code information. If they give you the engine code, you have found your Audi engine code.
  2. Put the hood up on your Audi and secure it with the safety arm. Make sure your engine is cold before you touch it. 
  3. The engine code on a 1.8-liter Audi is located under the passenger side (engine cover) of your vehicle.  Take the engine cover off (with socket set) and find the engine code. You have found your Audi engine code. The code will be AEB, ATW, or AWM for the Audi 1.8 liter engine.
  4. The engine code on a 32 valve Audi is located under the engine cover of the driver’s side. You may have to take the engine cover off both sides of the car to get under the correct cover. Do this with the socket set. The code is directly above the power steering pump. The code will be AEW or ABZ for the 32-valve Audi engine.
  5. The engine code on a 40 valve is located under the engine cover on the passenger side of the car. You will remove the engine cover with your socket set. You can find the Audi engine code under the intake manifold vacuum valve. The engine code will vary by years on the 40-valve Audi engine.
  6. You can find some Audi engine codes inside of the door on a sticker right next to the VIN number.
  7. These are some places where you will find the engine code on your Audi engine. Use a flashlight to try to find the code if you cannot see too well when you are under the hood.
  8. This list of where to find your Audi engine code is not exhaustive. It will give you a good idea of where to look when you need to find the engine code on your Audi. 
  9. After you find your Audi engine code, shut the hood, and take your information to the parts store.  The parts store will use your Audi engine code to help you find the correct replacement parts for your car.



Let engine cool before searching for engine codes. 

Call an authorized dealer with your VIN number before you do the searching for yourself. 

A flashlight may help you find the engine code easier.

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