How To Find Average Percentage In Microsoft Excel

Computing functions in Microsoft Excel can be confusing; learn about how to find average percentage in Microsoft Excel. For the sake of simplicity, let's pretend your spreadsheet in Excel consists of only one column (A) and 5 rows(1-5) in that column, respectively. To compute the average of these percent values, you will need to use an Excel function. Use the following steps to compute an average for your percent values.

In order to learn about how to find average percentage in Microsoft Excel, you will need the following:

  • Microsoft Office
  1. Make sure you have entered all of the relevant data. Enter all of the percentages that you want to average in rows 1 through 5 of column A(in keeping with our example).
  2. Select the cell that you want to display the percent average. Yes, you can directly average percentages. Excel functions are so prolific that you don't even have to know how to do math. You just need to learn the basic format and Excel will do the rest. Click on Cell A6 (for example).
  3. Create a function. To create an average function, click on the "equal" sign next to the formula bar. Click on the "name" box and scroll through the drop-down menu until you see "Average" and select it. A dialogue box will appear. Enter A1:A5 in the first line of the average box. You are telling Excel that you want to average whatever numbers are in cells 1 through 5. Don't enter anything in the second line. The second line is going to be whatever value corresponds with the average of cells A1 through A5. Click Ok.
  4. Check your work.  Look at cell A6 to make sure that the number looks like what the average of the corresponding values should be.



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