How To Find The Best GPS Watches For Running

You may not be sure how to find the best GPS watches for running. No matter what, you need a watch that does more than just gives you the time. You need a watch that states your location, gives you directions and times how long you ran. Do not just shop for GPS watches, do your homework.

  1. Make a chart. You should use this for comparing the different GPS watches you come across. Create your chart from paper or from Microsoft Excel. It should categories such as “Store”, “Brand”, “Price” and “Features.
  2. Bring your chart with you while finding the best GPS watches. Visit jewelry or sport stores in your vicinity before visiting any retail stores. Only look for watches that have features you want.
  3. Compare the GPS navigation for each watch. Look for a watch that has text-to-speech if you prefer that it talks while you run. This is a benefit if you do not want to continuously look down at your watch.
  4. Consider the other features you want on your watch. Do you want it to display just the time, or do you want it to also display the date? Would a timer be helpful for your runs? You do not have to worry about alarm settings since most GPS watches come with that.
  5. Choose GPS watches that give you directions. This is extremely helpful if you get lost on your run, or if you travel a lot. You do not need to rely on a pricey GPS navigator or cell phone to get you from point A to point B.
  6. Compare the different prices. This should be the last concern on your list once you considered the features you want. Once you have a few GPS watches for running in mind, choose one that fits your needs best.


  • Comparison shop for the best GPS watches by visiting or
  • Read reviews on GPS watches on Amazon or Ebay.
  • Ask the sales associate any questions you may have about the watch.
  • Make a point to visit retail stores when they have sales on their watches.
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