How To Find Better Sex Positions

Learn how to find better sex positions is as easy as following these simple steps. Are you tired of missionary positions all the time? Do you need some new and exciting positions to spark up your life? If the answer is yes, then there is help. This article will show you several ways in order to find better sex positions.

To find better sex position, you will need:

  • Internet access
  • Valid address
  • iPhone (optional)
  1. Despite of whatever you think, magazine for sexual health and awareness is still alive and strong. These magazines provide valuable information to a variety of audiences. Magazines, such as Cosmopolitan, have much information to improve your sexual life. Frequently featured on the magazine are better sex positions.
  2. Internet, maybe the second best place for sex positions. You can find a ton of information regarding sex positions easily by searching through your favorite search engine. However, you should stick with Websties that are on the first three pages, as they are usually the content rich and accurate Websites.
  3. Got a iPhone? There is an app for that. App stores sell apps that are specifically geared towards finding better sex positions. For example, 99 positions app on iTunes have a variety of positions, from oral to anal. You should check it out, and maybe even have the app open the next time you and your partner are looking for better sex positions when having sex.
  4. Do not be afraid to try it yourself. Sometimes the best sex position is the position that you discover yourself!  Do not be shy when you and your partner is looking for a new position. You simply cannot fail, because you get sex anyway in the end!

Tip: Start with the positions that are easy to manage. Some positions shown on the Website or magazine are just too hard to do for normal people.

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