How To Find A Bookie To Bet On Sports

When moving to a new area, many people seek information on how to find a bookie to bet on sports. There are ways to bet on sports on the internet with offshore sports books, but many people just like the convenience that comes with finding a local sports bookie. After all, what is easier than meeting up once a week to square up with a bookie? Let's talk about some steps necessary to find a bookie to bet on sports.

  1. The first step in finding a bookie to bet on sports is asking any friends that are in the area. There is a good chance that you have a friend or co-worker that knows of a local sports bookie.
  2. Many sports bar owners are bookies, so going to local sports bars is a great way to find a bookie. Since many of the people that go to sports bars are interested in betting on sports, becoming a bookie can be very profitable for the owner, plus it gives people a reason to come to their bar at least once a week.
  3. If the owner of the sports bar is not a bookie, there is still a good chance that someone at the bar can help you find a bookie to bet on sports. When with a group of sports fans, the odds are very high that someone in the group knows how to find someone that is a bookie and can take bets on sports. Ask around and see what people know.

Betting on sports is illegal in most areas in the United States. With that being said, there are still sports bookies in many of those areas. It is important to know the legality of sports betting in your area when trying to find a bookie to bet on sports.



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