How To Find Catholic Retirement Homes

Learning how to find Catholic retirement homes will give your parent’s an additional source of comfort. The Catholic faith offers comfort to your parents when they feel sadness or loneliness. Catholic retirement homes provide daily rosary prayers, along with weekly masses, in order for residents to connect with their faith. Here are a few steps in helping your parents find the right Catholic retirement home.

  1. Use your favorite search engine and search for Catholic retirement home. The Archdiocese of your city lists a variety of retirement living options for Catholic residents. Many of these homes are subsided and offer rental ceiling of no more than 30% of your parent’s income. They offer independent living facilities as well as assisted living center. In addition, they usually offer homes that offer residents specialized care for such disorders as Dementia and Alzheimer's.
  2. Contact your local Catholic Church regarding possible Catholic Retirement homes in the area. Call your local Catholic Church office for information regarding local Catholic retirement homes. Ask them for a list of Catholic sponsored homes in the area. They might even provide a referral for your application. If your parents are members of a local Catholic church, their application might be given priority.
  3. Determine what type of Catholic retirement homes your parents need. Catholic retirement homes offer independent living options, assisted living options, nursing home care, and specialized care for those suffering from memory loss disorders. Catholic retirement homes offer a combination of these options. Get your parents into a Catholic retirement home that has a medical staff. Assisted living facilities provide the ability for the residents to be semi-independent and still have access to medical care on site if necessary.
  4. Visit the Catholic retirement homes on your list. Talk directly with the admissions director and ask about the church and prayer facilities. Ask how often the residents can go to confession, or when confessions are taken. Tour the facilities to ensure that they meet your standards of cleanliness and friendliness.


The Catholic faith makes you feel more comfortable in uncertain times. Finding the right Catholic retirement home for your parents takes time but the comfort that they will receive is well worth the effort that it takes.

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