How To Find Cheap Elk Hunts

If you enjoy hunting, you may want to know how to find cheap elk hunts. You will have to do some research to find cheap elk hunts so you can compare the different costs. Decide when you and your hunting party want to go, and make sure you have the appropriate hunting licenses. Check to see that your hunting rifle or bow is in good condition, and pack enough supplies to take with you on the hunt.

  1. Look online to find cheap elk hunts. Search for websites that have elk hunting information. Determine whether you want to use a guide or not when you look for elk hunts for cheap. Once you find the cost, you may want to advise any other members of your hunting party in advance what they need to pay.
  2. Check the phone book for cheap elk hunts. If you live in an area where elk hunting is common, you should be able to find information in the local phone book on both guided and unguided hunts. Make sure the dates you sign up for are good for any other hunters you are going with.
  3. Call a hunting lodge to inquire about future elk hunts. Find a lodge in the area where you want to hunt, and get the information you need about elk hunting. You may also want to ask a lodge member about the type of hunting you want to do. For example, find out if the terrain is more suited to bow hunting or a rifle.
  4. Go to a hunting supply store for information on elk hunting. Ask a clerk if he knows where you can find a cheap elk hunt. See if he has a contact number for a guide, if you are using one. If you are going without a guide, try to get a map of the terrain so you know what to expect before you go on your hunt.
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