How To Find Cheap Flying Lessons

 Student pilots usually want to know how to find cheap flying lessons. Learning to fly can be expensive depending on a number of factors. The less money student pilots spend on lessons, the more that is available for additional flying time later.

  1. If you are in an area that has more than one airport, check around. The largest airports tend to have the most expensive rates for renting planes and for instructors. Smaller airports may have more competitive rates, even though you might drive a little more to get there.
  2. Ask the instructor if you can double up. If you ride in the back seat while another student is flying you can learn quite a bit before you have your actual lessons.
  3. Check if there is a flying club around that lets students also use the club plane. If you find such a club, consider becoming a member.
  4. Taking longer, more frequent lessons speeds up learning time. You can cut costs quite a bit if you aren't having to repeat lessons due to forgetting what you learned a long time ago.
  5. Sometimes a flight instructor not associated with a school may be cheaper for lessons. Check around on bulletin boards at the airports. There are usually ads for instructors. Contact them and find out what they charge and how their rental plane process works.
  6. Rent the smallest and oldest planes available from the school. These planes are just as dependable as newer ones but cost a lot less to rent.




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