How To Find Cool Vintage Watches

Many people want to know how to find cool vintage watches. This is due to the fact that watches have always been a valued collector’s item, and like any collector’s item, the older the better. Vintage watches can be found in many different places if you just know where to look, so let’s find some cool vintage watches!

What you will need:

  • Internet access
  • Car access
  • Some cash
  1. The first place to look for cool watches is in your own attic. This is the best place to start because not only is it free, but who knows, you might end up finding not only vintage watches but also other collector’s items. When searching in the attic, the best places to look are in old trunks or boxes that have been passed down through generations.
  2. The next place to look for cool vintage watches is at yard sales. This is where you’re going to get your best deals because most people have no idea what there are selling and will probably give it to you for a great bargain! Keep one thing in mind about yard sales though, you may spend all day out there and not find anything cool watches, but keep your eyes peeled for other interesting knick knacks!
  3. Now you want to check your local pawn shops. These places will probably have much higher prices than the yard sales, but you can sometimes still get a deal if the owner of the shop doesn’t know what he’s selling or just doesn’t care.
  4. Your final bet for finding cool vintage watches is Ebay and other auction sites. You are guaranteed to find something here, but you have to be ready to pay top dollar for it. Remember that Ebay houses all kinds of people just like you trying to find that one rare vintage watch!
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