How To Find A Date If You’re Fat

If you’re wondering how to find a date if you’re fat, the process isn’t as hard as you may think. It’s all about playing up your strengths and making a girl notice other aspects of you besides your weight. It’s also about finding the right girls to approach in the first place. Read the strategies below if you want to score a date for this next weekend.

  1. Play up your personality. What are your strong suits or talents? Think about what a person might compliment you on. If you are particularly creative, funny or smart, accentuate these good qualities by expressing your knowledge or humor to girls you’re interested in. It’s a lot easier to find a date when you’re fat if you are good-humored and show other promising characteristics.
  2. Charm the girl that you like. If you’re looking for a date and you’re fat, act like a gentleman. Offer to buy her a drink, listen to what she has to say and keep conversation light. Just don’t be too hands-off or passive because you’ll end up in the friends category. Clearly let her know you’re interested in her and would like to take her out.
  3. Pick your friends. When trying to find a date, go with a small group of guy friends to avoid looking like a lone stalker. If you’re fat, choose your friends wisely and make sure not to go out with a bunch of in-shape gym fanatics. Hanging out with an average group of fun-loving guys will put a girl at ease and will give you the best chances of scoring a date. Wingmen can be vital assets, so bring along your buddies and if you’re in a group, suggest bowling or the movies so she can feel comfortable with you before going out on a solo date.
  4. Lower your expectations. If you want to find a date, don’t go for an absolute knockout if you’re fat. Let’s face it: Your chances of rejection are much higher. Instead, approach the situation realistically and aim for a girl who might be just a bit more attractive than you. You’ll be more likely to find that date if you’re not picky and if you’re open to meeting different women.
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