How To Find Dog Grooming Jobs

Are you a groomer looking for a job working with animals and need to learn how to find dog grooming jobs? Look no further! Here are a few tips to help get you started in the dog grooming business. There are many dogs that need grooming, so there is no slack when it comes to dog grooming jobs being available. It may take some footwork on your part to find the right dog grooming business to work for. Follow the tips below and learn how to find dog grooming jobs in your area.

Things you'll need:

  • Access to local veterinary office
  • Access to newspaper ads
  • Internet access
  1. Talk to a local vet. Sometimes your vet will know of a place that is hiring dog groomers and can give you a name and telephone number to call. Once in a while the vet himself will be hiring a dog groomer, so pet owners often take their dogs to the vet for grooming instead of a dog grooming salon.
  2. Place an ad for your dog grooming skills. List your name and telephone number with a short description of what services you offer and for how much. Many times pet owners prefer to enlist the help of a dog groomer who does wonderful work at a cheaper rate than a vet or dog grooming salon. Don't cut yourself short; stay competitive when pricing. After all, your time is spent grooming the dog and buying the products to groom the animals.
  3. Spread the word that you're looking for a job. Word of mouth is the best way to find dog grooming jobs. Let pet owners whose dog you've groomed spread the word about your services and what you offer. You will be surprised at the calls you might receive.
  4. Find a dog grooming job online. A website called PetGroomer lists potential jobs for dog groomers. On PetGroomer's website you can locate jobs that may be open in your area. You can also place an ad on Craigslist or look in their help wanted section for your state and town.

Learning how to find dog grooming jobs is fairly easy and once you have the dogs to groom, you are on your way to having all the business you can handle.

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