How To Find Domain Name

If you can't find a domain name, this is the "how to find domain name" guide. If you want to use effective ways to find domain name, then you will have to remain very practical. Having good technical capacities will allow you to quickly locate domain names from the internet without going through sheer problems. Domain name registrars offer online services that are used by individuals who want to become webmasters in the future. Through domain name registrars, individuals, as well as businesses, are able to buy domain names that have TLDs (Top-Level Domains) as  ".COM" and ".ORG". The steps which have been stated below will allow you to find a domain name within 60 seconds.

To find a domain name, you need:

  • domain name address
  • a response protocol
  1. Firstly, you need to use a website that allows you to find WHOIS information. Find a domain name via logging on to the website of an internet governing body. Currently, the Internet Network Information Center allows entities to query its website for domain name details. INTERNIC supports a response protocol that allows the querying of databases containing information about domain name registrants to be done with ease.
  2. Log on to the website of INTERNIC. Click on the WHOIS link once you are logged on to the authoritative website and you will be taken to a new web page. Find domain name by taking advantage of the unique space it presents afterwards.
  3. Also, search for registrar and nameserver information if you want to find domain name. Find domain name information via an IP address through INTERNIC. It is a fact that an IP address can be used to find domain name.



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