How To Find Energy Pills That Work

Need to know how to find energy pills that work? Finding energy pills that work may take you on a long quest for answers.  There are so many different energy pills that promise an energy filled day without the results.  This is why it is best to study the ingredients before you spend big bucks on energy supplements that simply do not work.  So, what makes a good energy pill?  Simple, a blend of natural herbs and essences that are actually metabolized by your body, and gives you a boost of energy-based chemicals.  In this article, we will explore the different types of herbs used to make the energy pills and which ones are proven to work the best.

The first set of energy supplements that are found in common energy pills are called thermogenic stimulants.  This supplement works by increasing your body's natural metabolism, which in return gives you a boost of energy producing chemicals and also burns fat quickly.

  1. Synephrine.  Synephrine is much like the popular stimulant, Ephedra, only without the harmful side effects.  This product simply increases your metabolic rate, therefore increasing the amount of energy you have.  This product has no effect on the heart or blood pressure unlike Ephedra.
  2. Caffeine.  Caffeine is the most popular stimulant throughout history.  Caffeine works by simply to moderately increases the metabolic rate.  When this happens, it causes a rush of energy naturally released by the chemicals in your brain.  It's very effective for a boost before workouts or working all day.  Some herbal supplements that are derived from caffeine are guaranine, guarana, green tea extract, and kola nut.

Herbal supplements are completely organic and have been studied and proven to increase energy from the vitamin-boosting benefits they give your body.  These supplements are completely natural and organic and have not been manmade.

  1. Ginko-Biloba.  This supplement is derived from the leaves of a  Chinese tree.  Ginko increases the circulation of your blood and your mental awareness.  These benefits ultimately give you an energy boost.
  2. Alpha Lipocoenzyme Q10 ic Acid.  This herb is not only an energy booster but also a very strong antioxidant. Alpha Lipoic Acid works by assisting the B Vitamins foods that you eat turn into pure energy.
  3. Coenzyme Q10.  This is a very powerful antioxidant as well, but it also supports energy levels that help to use extra fat stored in your body as fuel.  In simple terms, it eats the extra fat stored in your fat cells, which helps reduce the amount of fat in your body, while turning that into energy to burn and thus letting you be active for longer.

These are the most popular supplements and herbs found in the best energy pills to date.  By looking at the back of the labels and checking for these ingredients, you are sure to find the best working energy pill for you.  It's best to try a few different products out before deciding on the best one.  Everyone has a different chemical make up in their body, which means one energy pill that works for you may not work for someone else.  Please consult your local doctor before deciding on any product, especially if you have other medical issues such as high blood pressure, heart disease, or have suffered a stroke.

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