How To Find Gay Help Line

Knowing how to find a gay help line could save your life someday. It could also save someone you know if you need to reach out to a gay friend. Even if you’re not suicidal, just having someone on the other line that you can talk to can be a big help when dealing with your sexuality or any hardships you’re going through.

  1. Check your yellow pages listings. Under the heading “Crisis Hotlines” or “Crisis Intervention,” you can often find help lines for troubled youths, suicidal individuals or gay, lesbian and transgender individuals.
  2. Contact your university counseling center or local community center. These resources often have lists of gay help lines that you can call, both local and national.
  3. Get a referral. Places like the Covenant House Hotline at 800-999-9999 or Boys Town Suicide and Crisis Line at 800-448-3000 can refer you to a help line that fits your individual needs or another community resource.
  4. Get counseling through the Affirmations Helpline. Calling 1-800-398-GAYS will connect you with a  trained volunteer who can provide you with support, as well as refer you to community resources that may be able to help you.
  5. Reach out to the GLBT National Help Center. Their help line is 1-888-843-4564. Through this gay help line, you can receive support and counseling services. The GLBT National Help Center also has a database with over 18,000 listings that can be used to refer you to resources within your community, including a local help line or in-person counseling services.
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