How To Find A Girlfriend That Wants To Have Sex All The Time

If you're asking how to find a girlfriend that wants to have sex all the time, then you're asking the wrong question. Women like sex just as much as guys do. You should be asking "How can I get a girl to want to have sex with me all the time." The answer is simple. The path to the answer can be complex, but very, very enjoyable. Getting a girl to want to have sex all the time starts with you. You have to be willing to put in the necessary work to get your girl to the point to where she'll want to have sex all of the time. But, you're a guy right? Sexual exploration isn't what you'd consider work. Here's how to get your girl to want to have sex all the time.

  1. It's Universal. Everyone likes sex. If you've ever met a woman that didn't enjoy sex, nine times out of ten it's because she didn't have a good partner. Here's what you guys need to understand about sex. Guys have virtually no problem reaching sexual fulfillment. The penis gets stimulated and we're done. Women have a gift and a curse. They have thousands upon thousands of ways to be sexually stimulated, but, their emotions and feelings are much more tied into their ability to feel sexual pleasure then guys are. So buddy, first and most important step to getting your girl to have sex with you all of the time is to get keyed into her emotions. The more comfortable she is with you, the more receptive she'll be to the pleasure she can receive sexually. Oh and it'll feel better to her too because she's developed an emotional affinity for you.
  2. It's all about her. All women are different, and the elementary moves you used on one girl wont necessarily work on the next. It's up to you to explore her. Find out what physically makes her tick. For those of you that hate foreplay, you'd better become friends with it. Great foreplay not only shows that you're taking a true interest in her and her body (which adds to emotional comfort), it also gives you the perfect opportunity to explore her body and see what she likes. So make sure you get in there and really explore her. Making sex all about her will guarantee that she'll want to have sex with you all the time. Be creative. Your hands and tongue and even your words are the tools of choice long before your penis gets involved.
  3. Going down. You'd be surprised how many guys just don't know how to do this correctly. There is no universal blue print to conversing with her kitty. Once again, it's all about what she likes. So, pay attention to the signals and sounds her body gives you when you go down there. Once you've figured her out, play with her. Tease her. Just think of how much she'll want you if you can make her cum three times before you penetrate her. Dude, you'd better be taking notes. This is Nobel Prize sex advice here.
  4. Be willing to do new stuff. Sex should never become routine. Sure, it's ok to have certain things to fall back on to get her off, but you don't want to become mechanical when you get down. You should always be trying to find new and exciting ways to get her to her zenith. She'll love the fact that you're taking such an interest in her pleasure and she'll definitely want to have sex with you all the time.
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