How To Find A Girlfriend Who Likes Effeminate Guys

Knowing how to find a girlfriend who likes effeminate guys is a bit more difficult then finding a girlfriend who likes masculine guys. Being effeminate has many levels. Most effeminate behavior is associated with gay men. Having effeminate behaviors and tendencies is a personal choice and there are women who are attracted to this.

  1. Being effeminate has several levels. Finding a girlfriend who likes effeminate guys can be done in various ways. Some men may just have more feminine, and higher emotions which are associated more with women. Others may enjoy dressing in women's clothing and wearing makeup. No matter what the level of effeminacy, there is a woman out there for everyone that wants one. 
  2. Going to events and gay bars and clubs may lead to more prospects that are attracted to effeminate males and personalities and can help find a girlfriend who likes effeminate guys. Bisexual females may be more inclined to enjoy the effeminate personality as they are almost getting the best of both worlds from a cross dressing male. Being up front and honest with a possible significant other is always the best way to find someone you truly connect with that enjoys you for the way you are. 
  3. Chat rooms, forums and websites are set up for a friendly community of like people and helps form friendships and relationships while finding girls who like effeminate guys. Effeminate males often lean towards more dominating females as the traditional masculine and feminine roles tend to be reversed.
  4. Finding a girlfriend who likes effeminate guys is as challenging as finding a girlfriend under any other circumstances. Effeminate males and their girlfriends are able to do various things together that masculine males will not do such as spa treatments and grooming. This can bring the couple closer together and gives a greater variety of things that can be done together to keep it different each day.
  5. To find a girlfriend try logging on to an effeminate male support group or website and making new friends. It's possible to meet your new girlfriend there.  You could also try joining a dating site such as or Be honest with a potential partner no matter how awkward it may feel at first.  Honesty is always the best policy!
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