How To Find A Girlfriend Who Loves To Fart

So…you're wondering how to find a girlfriend who loves to fart? Now let’s not be so quick to laugh or judge. In these modern sexually progressive times many of us have either come out into the open with once taboo fetishes, or have become intrigued and decided to experiment with them. As they say, “to each his own," so we took a guess at what would be the best ways to find a girlfriend who loves to fart and this is what we came up with:

  1. Visit Chili Cook Off Competitions – Attend a chili cook off and look for the winner. Surely she likes beans and has eaten a lot of chili if she has worked hard enough to earn such a coveted prize. And if she loves chili there is a good chance that she loves to fart, or at least does not mind it so much.
  2. Find A Chick With A Lot Of Brothers Or Male Friends – All guys love to fart and play disgusting fart games as some weird male bonding thing, as you all are well aware. A lot of times girls who have been brought up in testosterone thick households, or keep the company of large groups of men, join in the fun. One sure fire way to find a girlfriend who loves to fart is to look among the men.
  3. That One Guy Who Has That List – Ha ha ha, don’t pretend you don’t know what we’re talking about. Everyone has scanned the free XXX-rated personal ads on “the list." You can find girls who love to do anything on that site. There you should be able to find a girlfriend who loves to fart, or even poop or lick your toes in a banana suit.

Whatever your reason for wanting a flatulent female companion with any luck if you take our advice you’ll be able to find a girlfriend who loves to fart as much as you do.

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