How To Find Girlfriends With Benefits

If you're new to the dating scene or just interested in how to find girlfriends with benefits, this article may be exactly what you're looking for. Sexual benefits, of course, is the topic of discussion here. This isn't to put down finding a loving caring girlfriend, but to put out the option of finding someone to have a casual sexual relationship with. Going about this in a non-seedy or manipulative way may seem difficult, but with the correct attitude your casual relationship can be very sincere for both the involved parties.

  1. Finding the perfect girlfriend. An age old question that hasn't ever been scientifically answered is where to find the perfect girlfriend? Adding to this, of course, is finding one open enough for casual flings. Coffee shops and libraries can be a fantastic way to meet more intellectual types, while bars may lead you to "dirtier" girls.  Please note that those more in tune with their minds will be able to accept a friends with benefits situation better than a ditzy girl who may become romantically attached. 
  2. Conversation. The most often overlooked part of a girlfriend with benefits situation is the conversation. All relationships, casual or not, succeed much more when they are founded on trust. Being foreword and honest about where you see the relationship realistically going may save you from some drama in the future, whilst also providing a quick avenue to the casual flings you so desire.
  3. Keeping it casual. Keeping your relationship from turning too romantic is one of the biggest problems men face when in a girlfriends with benefits situation. The easiest way to keep it casual is to let her know that she may see other men on the condition that you may also see other women. If she objects to this, she obviously is romantically attached to you and probably isn't a great candidate for being your friend with benefits.
  4. Friendship. The most important concept in girlfriends with benefits is the word friend itself. While you may not be romantically attached to this person, both you and the female need to have a mutual understanding that you will always have each other to lean on when times get tough. Having a casual, friendly attitude and not trying to push your luck too much will greatly increase the chances of you and your friend with benefits working out.
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