How To Find Groups On Twitter

There are many great ways to find groups on Twitter. Depending on what kind of group you're looking for, there may be many different ways to find them. Here's a few different ways to find that specific group you're after, taken from my own experiences of trial and error when finding groups on Twitter.

  1. The first place to check is the group's official website. Many sites have a prominent button on their homepage that links directly to their official Twitter account. Sometimes the link is buried under a “Social Media” link that you'll have to click through first. If the page is very large, consider using your browser's “Find” functionality to locate it.
  2. Try a search on Twitter itself. The “Find People” link at the top of every Twitter page can also be used to find groups of all kinds. Note that the search functionality does not currently support searching for Twitter lists, so if you're looking for a group list, you'll need to use a different method.
  3. If you know someone who is part of the group you're looking for, try sending them a reply on Twitter. They may be able to show you where the group is. It may even be obvious from looking at their list of followers or by checking out what lists they are on.
  4. When other methods fail, you can always use a search engine to find it.  If you're looking for a group like PETA, try putting the word Twitter and PETA together into a search. The last part of the search tells tne search engine your using to only look at sites on Twitter's website when doing the search.
  5. Most groups are made up of more than just the one group's Twitter feed. By using Twitter lists, you can follow a whole group of people in one click. For official groups, usually the group list is filed under the official Twitter account. Just look on the side of the group's Twitter profile page and you'll find all the lists that group has created.
  6. Another great way to find different groups is to look through a third party service like Listorious. Listorious lists lists on Twitter. You can find many different groups on Twitter by going through a search on the that website.
  7. The classic way to find groups of people on Twitter is through Twibes. Twibes predate the inclusion of lists on Twitter, and it has a number of groups of early Twitter user groups that were created.
  8. The group you are looking for may also be using GroupTweet. If so, in order to participate in the group, you'll need to be followed back by the main group account.
  9. Once you've found a group you'd like to be a part of, don't hesitate to talk to them via Twitter. Most good groups on Twitter promote honest inclusion with others. If you ever want to get more involved, just ask! You never know what might happen until you speak up.
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