How To Find Hot Emo Girlfriends

How to find hot Emo girlfriends is not such an elusive game. You know who they are. If black is the new pink, the hot Emo girl is the new babe. The sultry chick with the lone lock of purple hair over one eye makes you obsess until you are speaking in tongues. She has eyes the color of smoke,and a gritty girl exterior. She's girly-girly with an edge. She is the original riot grrrl,punk chick,all in one, and rocks a third hand guitar as well she does her blue nails, and windowpane thigh high socks. She's an outrageous flirt. The hot Emo girl can seduce you with just her memory and now you are addicted and induced to find hot Emo girlfriends like her. How to find hot Emo girlfriends can not be left to chance, it's your destiny. Hot Emo girlfriends are not just everywhere on the scene,they are THE scene.   

  1.  Follow the Anime Road. Just like the yellow brick road lead to the Wizard of Oz, anime film festivals, popular Japanese animated films are hot. How  to find hot Emo girlfriends at an anime film festival is like picking chocolates out of a candy store. Check Japanese animated film promotions to track the next festival. Hot Emo girls float to the festivals from near and far,dressed in anime costume,and boots. They travel arm in arm, in giggling packs. They are the audience,ticket takers,usher,the slightly bored chick crossing off your name on the guest list without looking up. Chat her up. Chat them all up. They are there ripe for the plucking.
  2. Let  your fingers do the walking. Let your fingers walk over the world wide web. How to find hot Emo girlfriends can be in the privacy of your home. There are Emo girl online contests,outing winners through public poll, who is hot and who is not. Search the hot Emo girl online dating sites complete with hot Emo girl online photos. How to find hot Emo girlfriends can be with just a click of the mouse or two clicks of the mouse or two hundred clicks. Is it in you?
  3. Release your inner hidden computer geek and start writing poetry. It's one of the best worst kept secrets. The hot Emo girl is smart. She's smarter than you.  And what's more you both know it,but you both also pretend you don't know it and therein lies your advantage. She will correct you on proper use of the term poetic license and make it seem like you sneezed. See how easy it is to fake it until you make it?  How to find hot Emo girlfriends can be easy when you discover them at their computer clubs,poetry readings,spoken word slams, and little magazine soirees. You might even pen a verse titled Hot Emo. She'll readily be your muse but she will be too cool to care.  
  4. Follow the Rainbow gathering or Dead concerts. Emo girls are great granddaughters of  hippies. Prepare to go to Dead concerts, sleep on the grass and dream of the orchard of Hot emo girls there,curled like cotton, scattered over the hot grass  
  5. Become an Emo dude and musician. Cultivate the metro sexual look. Dye your hair coal black and if it's already black, dye it anyway and then dye it again. Wear tight skinny blue jeans,one earring,and several body piercings. Pick up a guitar and start circulating the underground rock clubs. It doesn't even matter if can play guitar. In fact it's better if you can't. Remember no sacrifice can be too great to find hot emo girlfriends. They gravitate to bad musicians,like dogs to a tree.  How to find hot emo girlfriends is shamelessly simple if you are tunelessly droning into a mic. Yes, the hot emo girl is super smart but she also wants to be your groupie,they all do.  Now,have at it.           
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