How To Find Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt Cars

If you are a Hot Wheels collector you may be wondering how to find Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt cars. To a Hot Wheels fanatic finding one of these rare cars is as thrilling as spotting a rare bird or maybe even Elvis!

Like so many collectibles these days you can find Treasure Hunt Hot Wheels on any of the online auction sites, but where would the sport be in that?  Treasure Hunt cars are aptly named, because finding one of these rare creatures is a true hunt. You have to have a keen eye, a quick wit, and on certain days very quick reflexes if you are surrounded by other hunters.

  1. The most important tip to finding Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt cars is to be familiar with the packaging differences between Treasure Hunts and regular Hot Wheels. Since 1995 when Treasure Hunt cars were added to the line up, there have been a few variations in the packaging.  Early Treasure Hunts featured a small brown treasure chest on the blister card, this is not always the case now.  The package may be marked Treasure Hunt, or just T-Hunt, but invariably there will be a green stripe on the edge of the blister card. So if you see some green peeking out from a row of Hot Wheels you may want to give that row a closer look.  Be sure not to move too quickly though, so you do not arouse the attention of other lurking collectors.
  2. You can still get lucky enough to find a Treasure Hunt on the rack or in one of those big bins at the store, but it is increasingly rare. When employees at some stores caught on to the resale market for certain Hot Wheels they started going through boxes and cherry picking the special cars before shelving the run of the mill leftovers.  When management at some stores heard about this and realized that it was alienating customers, they started making it against the rules for employees to take anything for themselves from shipments.  A few of the more savvy stores even made special events out of new shipment days.  If you get there early and sign up for their lottery of sorts, you can win the chance to open a brand new box all by yourself.  You then have the opportunity to buy any, or all of the cars in that box that you want to.
  3. So if you want the best chance to add one of these treasures to your collection I suggest that you get to know the stores in your area.  Talk to the managers and find out what their policies are concerning employee purchases, then find out when new shipment arrive and if that store has any special event days for Hot Wheels fans.  Once you arm yourself with this knowledge you are ready to go on the hunt.  Just be sure to keep your eyes peeled for that tell-tale green stripe.  I have even been lucky enough to catch one lurking behind a toothbrush in a checkout lane at the grocery store.  Happy Hunting!
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