How To Find Hotels With Hot Tubs In Rooms

In today's age of the internet, if you're looking for a romantic or relaxing vacation, it's easy to learn how to find hotels with hot tubs in the rooms. The addition of a hot tub can change a mundane hotel stay into an 'ooh la la' moment. You might pay just a bit more for a luxurious tub but, then again, it may be well worth the extra cash to spend an hour or so soaking in a delightful hot tub. To find hotels with hot tubs in rooms follow these easy steps.

  1. Decide on the budget for your hotel stay. If your budget is low, you might want to ask the hotel if you can change rooms after one or two nights in a room with a hot tub. Taking a room with a regular shower or bath tub should reduce your hotel bill slightly. Remember to add in taxes and any other room charges into your budget.
  2. Narrow down the city location of your hotel stay. It won't do you any good to find a wonderful hotel that fits your budget if it's 100 miles away from where you want to stay. If you're going to a large city, narrow down your search even further by neighborhood or suburb location.
  3. Do an internet search on 'hotels with hot tubs + location.' Your location should be the city or state you are planning to visit.
  4. Read the detailed write up about the hotels which appear in the search. Unfortunately, there is no search engine site where you can find hotels with hot tubs in the rooms. But, you can carefully read about the hotel and, if they have hot tubs in the rooms, it's probably listed as this is a sought after amenity.
  5. If you have a specific hotel that you'd prefer but there's no information online that shows they have hot tubs, call the hotel directly. A lot of hotels have just a few rooms with hot tubs and they might be reserved by frequent clients. It's always worth a phone call to find out for sure if the hotel has hot tubs in any of the rooms.
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