How To Find How Much A 26 Ft Sea Ray Is Worth

Whether you're looking to sell or buy a fun power boat, you'll might need to find how much a 26 ft. Sea Ray is worth. These speedy, sexy boats are as at home whizzing around a smooth lake as giving you the ride of your life, jumping crest to crest on three foot waves. Finding how much a 26 ft. Sea Ray is worth has gotten a lot easier with the advent of the internet but you'll need to know some facts about the particular Sea Ray boat before you can get the worth.

  1. Know the model of the particular 26 ft. Sea Ray boat. Sea Ray produces models such as the sleek Sundancer and the versatile Weekender. Prices on these boats can vary widely so make sure you know the exact model type.
  2. Make a list of the exterior canvas extras, such as a bimini top. Canvas is very expensive so any extras will definitely up the price of the boat. Make a list of has any additional items, such as a boat cover, cockpit cover, or bimini shade top, as you'll need add those into your price request.
  3. Gather information about additional electronics such as GPS. Other items, such as an inverter charger, radar, autopilot add to the value. Check if the autopilot has a remote as that will up the boat's value also. Check to see if there is a a fish finder or depth finder. Battery chargers are another amenity that will add to the value of the boat so check if there is one or two on board.
  4. Make a list of any extra fishing equipment, air conditioners, or swim ladders. Check the galley as you'll need a list of items to get a fair pricing on the boat.
  5. Once you have all the facts about the particular 26 ft. Sea Ray, go to, the golden website of boat pricing. Enter all your information and click "Get Used Value" at the bottom of the page and you will be presented with a low retail and a high retail price for your Sea Ray boat.
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