How To Find Ian in Fallout 3

One of the more daunting tasks in video games today is figuring out how to find Ian West in Fallout 3. It can be confusing wondering around the vampires lair and still finding the best way to get to Ian and finish the mission. In Fallout there are multiple ways to accomplish any task, however, this guide will help you down the simplest path.

  1. Taking the subway. The first thing is to go to the North Seneca Metro underground station. Either fast travel or simply find your way to it using the quest marker. After you enter, walk past the two people in the lab unless you have sugarbombs to unload for some quick caps. Turn right and find the room that will give you a radiation warning. Near that is a gate that will give entry to an underground passage and some enemies to battle with. Follow the fire light from the steel drums and soon you will hear a radio and see a soldier guarding the entrance way to "The Family."
  2. Where is Buffy when you need her? Talk to the soldier and let him know you have a message for Ian, he will send you to speak to Vance. Go straight into the tunnel and turn left through the door. You will see plenty of family members. Vance is usually on the top floor. The key here is to convince him to allow you to speak to Ian. This consists of finding more information about the family and showing him that you can understand what they are doing.
  3. The pass word is… After you convince him, he will give you the password to the "family terminal" that will unlock the door to Ian. It is absolutely integral that you convince Vance to do this, or else he will not allow you to speak to him and you will have to fight your way in. Play to the strengths of your alignment for that. After you get the password, enter through the door on the top floor and unlock it using the terminal. Ian will be in the very next door. Now all you have to do is talk to him! However you handle the situation is up to you, but make sure you save first—it is always fun to just shoot your way out.
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