How To Find Inertia Switch In 2001 Jaguar

Knowing how to find the inertia switch in a 2001 Jaguar could prove to be fortuitous to anyone who figures in any untoward accidents using this powerful automobile. By definition, this is described as a switch that is activated once it detects a sudden and unexpected change in velocity or orientation of a vehicle. In automobiles, the inertia switch is activated if it detects a strong enough bump,say generated from an accident,which effectively disables the fuel pump to prevent the vehicle from continuously pumping fuel.

To be able to find the inertia switch in the 2001 Jaguar, you will need:

  • Any 2001 Jaguar model
  • The car manual
  • flashlight
  1. Instructional manual still the best option. Any expert and any car manufacturing helpdesk would always come up with the same standard answer for any or all queries regarding the operations guidelines for the 2001 Jaguar. Refer to the automobile instructional manual that comes with each purchase of the car, provided that it is still available. 
  2. Search the internet database. If the manual is no longer available, the next viable source for information would be to search and download this from the internet, provided that you will have the patience,initiative and resourcefulness to search this from the worldwide web as this has been proven to be quite tricky to look for.
  3. Make sure that situation is all-safe. Before venturing forth in searching for your 2001 Jaguar’s inertia switch, make sure everything is all safe, Make sure there is no fuel smell, that you’re in an openly ventilated area, the engine is switched off and there is no noticeable burning electrical smell whatsoever.
  4. Open the driver’s door. The inertia switch can only be found when you will fully open the driver’s side door. Provided that this is a U.S. car, then the frontal right-side door. On the left side area of the car’s dashboard, you will be able to locate a triangular shaped panel that you will need to pop open.
  5. Locate the inertia switch. Once you’ll be able to pop open the triangular shaped panel, you will find a button in a black rubber coating. This is the 2001 Jaguar’s inertia switch. To de-activate it and to reset the fuel pump, all you need to do is press this and you will be able to hear a faint click sound that would indicate its actuation.
  6. Do not disable the inertia switch. There have been a lot of postings on internet forums inquiring how to disable the inertia switch. You are discouraged from doing this. The inertia switch was added as a safety feature to the 2001 Jaguar in order to look out for the welfare of its users / drivers. Contradicting this safety feature will only increase the volatility of an accident if a 2001 Jaguar car owner has the unfortunate luck of meeting one.

It is but proper for an owner or a driver of the 2001 Jaguar to know where the vehicle’s inertia switch is located. This will save valuable time, resources and emotional energy on their part should the vehicle refuse to start because the fuel pump was disabled by the switch. As they say, an ounce of knowledge could prove to be thrifty when owning a car.

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