How To Find Info For My Kenwood Stereo

Finding information for your Kenwood stereo is made easier by using the Kenwood website. Whether you have a home stereo or a car stereo, you will be able to find detailed information using the company's support page. Follow these steps to find information about your Kenwood stereo system.

  1. Open your web browser on your computer and go to Click on your geographic region. 
  2. Click the Support option on the navigation area on the page. Click the type of stereo you are looking for information about in the list that appears below. This includes car and home stereos and electronics. 
  3. On the left in the middle of the page, click the type of information your are looking for. The owner's manual will have a lot of information about your specific stereo, so click this link if you would like to read the manual.
  4. Find out your stereo model number. This can be found on the stereo or in documentation if you have it. Locate your stereo model number on the selection list on the right middle of the next page. Click the Search button below.
  5. Click View download to the right of the manual that you want to view from the list that appears. This will start a download of the manual, which will probably be in the PDF file format. If you have Adobe Reader installed, you can open the manual in this program. Otherwise, you may need to download Adobe Reader. 
  6. Save this manual for future use on your computer if you will need it again. This will save you from having to find it on the website again.

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