How To Find Investors Online

As an entrepreneur, or aspiring entrepreneur, the thought of how to find investors online has probably crossed your mind. Start-up businesses as well as small companies looking to expand can all benefit from investors online. The internet has made the world of online investors available to anyone with a solid business plan, vastly increasing the funding opportunities for companies looking to open or expand.

  1. Compile a comprehensive business plan. The first step in finding investors online is to solidify your business plan. A solid business plan describes current products and future products, gives a market overview, explores areas of growth and expansion, details management, and provides a current capital structure. A compelling business plan is key to finding investors online as it is the first information about your business that an investor will see.
  2. Put together an investor presentation. The investor presentation is a high level overview of the comprehensive business plan. Typically a slide show, the investor presentation is sent to investors online after they have indicated interest from the comprehensive business plan. Current management presents the investor presentation, either over the phone or in person, to help explain the details of the business plan.
  3. Scour the internet for potential investor sites. Once you have compiled a comprehensive business plan and compelling investor presentation, it is time to distribute the documents to potential investors online. The economic downturn has resulted in unprecedented growth of the online investor business as investors look for alternative places to send their money. An internet search for “investors online” or “angel investors online” will give many possibilities.
  4. Pick the appropriate sites and create an account. Once you have found some online investor sites that interest you, create an account. This usually requires inputting basic information about the business (location, management, contact info) and uploading the business plan. Most online investor sites will charge a monthly fee, so be prepared to pay to market your business to investors online.
  5. Send the investor presentation to those who express interest. With any luck and a solid business plan, angel investors online and venture capitalists online will contact you via the internet site you have signed up for. Continue the conversation and, if requested, send the investor presentation to them. Follow up if there is opportunity.

Finding investors online can take time and determination. Investment funds are out there if you have a compelling business opportunity, but it may take a long time to find the right investor who meets your terms and is willing to provide funding. Investors abound online, so the sheer number available will make your search more likely to be fruitful. Tenacity and patience are key.

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