How To Find iPhone App Store Password

You might be wondering how to find your iPhone App Store password if you haven’t been able to login and are wanting to download the latest applications and tools for your iPhone. You might have hit a wall in your search, but locating your password isn’t difficult at all. Just follow these steps and you’ll be back getting apps before you know it.

  1. Think of your iTunes password. If you want to find you iPhone App Store password, you’ve got to remember that it’s the same as your iTunes password. Your Apple ID is used for both.  If you know your iTunes password, you’re done!  If not, keep reading.
  2. Visit Apple’s iForgot page. Apple is known for making things simple, and retrieving a lost password is no different. Visit and enter your Apple ID (which is a valid email address). Hit enter and you are well on your way to finding your iPhone App Store password.
  3. Check your email. In your email inbox, you’ll find a message from Apple giving you a new password to use with iTunes and the App Store. This password will look like a bunch of nonsense, but don’t worry, you can change it later.
  4. Visit MyInfo to change your password. Go to and log into your account using the password you just received. From here you can change your password (and Apple ID) to anything you’d like. 

That’s all it takes to find you iPhone App Store password and change it to something you’ll remember better next time. Don’t worry, every one forgets!

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