How To Find Jeans That Fit

Learn about how to find jeans that fit to look your best. Blue jeans are essentials in many men's wardrobes. A pair of jeans that fit is key is important to feeling good as well as to showing off your assets. The cost of blue jeans makes it mandatory to find jeans that fit so you can be comfortable and wear the jeans with confidence. Whether you like jeans that fit like a glove or jeans or drawers that hang low, the perfect jeans for you are out there.

  1. Start off right. Be sure to wear the type of underwear, be it boxers or briefs, when you go shopping for jeans that fit. The undergarment is important to take into consideration so the fit will remain true when you wear the jeans.
  2. Decide what style of jeans you want to buy. If you have an idea of some styles of blue jeans, look at those first. Take several sizes of the same size into the fitting room to try on. The size can vary by manufacturer so try on a couple of sizes to see what size fits you best.
  3. Find a salesperson. If possible, get someone, such as a salesperson, to look at the jeans on you. Ask for their opinion. If they recommend a different style or cut of jeans, have them pick it out so you can try on those jeans. Salespeople see jeans on real live bodies every day and will have a better idea of what style of jeans will fit you best.
  4. Keep an open mind. Be open to trying on new style of jeans that you see or that the salesperson recommends. Differences like the cut of the jeans and the wash may be different than what you've worn before but they may be the right jeans that fit you just right.
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