How To Find A Job In Australia

Occasionally, someone might ask how to find a job in Australia and if doing so is difficult. Many foreigners choose to work in Australia and use that time to explore the country. Working in a foreign country comes with challenges, but these challenges are achievable. Therefore, if you are up to the challenge, go ahead and consider working Down Under.

Thing you need:

  • Passport
  • Visa
  1. Obtain your passport and visa at least three months prior to your departure. This allows sufficient time to complete the application process, which can range from 30 days or more. Apply for a skilled visa because it allows you to stay in Australia for a few months to three years. Normally with a skilled visa, you are going to the country to start a job. This visa is normally only extended to highly skilled individuals in demanding fields. The drawback to this type of visa is the requirement that the applicant be 45 years old or younger.
  2. Request a working holiday visa. This is only applicable to applicants under 30 years old. The working holiday visa does not stipulate having a job prior to arriving in the country. However, you can only work with the same employer for a three successive months and you will have to find another job in Australia.
  3. Decide what position you want. Ask yourself whether working in your current field or branching out in a new field is better for you. However, consider the possibility that the jobs you find in Australia may not be the same type of jobs you had and will probably be a lower paying position. If the reason you want to work in Australia is siteseeing, apply for jobs in Australia that offer flexibility. 
  4. Review your qualifications. Is your prior work history compatible with the jobs in Australia?  Consider adding information about your former company with your job application and provide a link for your former employer. This gives your prospective employer information about your company since they may not be familiar with the company. 
  5. Evaluate your Australian earning potential. Find out if the jobs you are interested in offer accommodations or not. Establish a budget for your living expenses while you are in Australia. Check the rental prices in the area you are considering. Rentals in the northern and western areas are cheaper than areas in the more populated areas such as Sydney and Melbourne. Factor the location into your search to find a job in Australia.
  6. Check if your bank has a presence in Australia. There are United States banks that have a presence in Australia, such as Citibank, and afford you the opportunity to bank in both countries. Therefore, contact your banking institution to see if they have a branch in Australia and find out what the procedures are to open an account.

When you decide to find a job in Australia, think about the cultural differences and determine if you can adapt to the differences. If you are going to be uncomfortable, you should probably not obtain a job in Australia. It is hard working in a foreign country, but do not be discourage if you receive any setbacks. It is a good idea to talk to people who lived and worked in the country for insights prior to your departure. This makes it easier to find a job in Australia and make your stay more enjoyable.



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