How To Find A Job In Dubai

It is a great opportunity to learn on how to find a job in Dubai from professional career advisers who have vast experience in matching people with their preferred jobs. Dubai poses a great opportunity due to its enormous resources and many companies which are able to provide you with employment. You need to conduct thorough research while searching for a job in Dubai so as to ensure that you get the best salary and benefits from the industry.

  1. Use personal contacts. The first tip on how to find a job in Dubai is using networking from friends and colleagues who are employed in the country. Networking is a great way to search for a job in Dubai since it is cheap and you do not have to pay for anything like in the professional job sites and it also ensures that you get the most relevant information from the company including salary expectation and the work load. To get a list of all the registered companies in Dubai.
  2. Contact a recruiter. While searching for a job in Dubai, you can also consider getting the help of a professional recruiter who has links with different companies in Dubai. It is important to establish the nature of recruiter you are going for since some of them require you to pay a fee and others are paid by the company which offers you the job in Dubai. Some of the recruitment agencies in Dubai include Medico Worldwide Recruitment, Personnel Network Group and BAC Executive Recruitment.
  3. Conduct some research. It is very important to research about the prospects of getting a job in Dubai through various sources including the Internet and local dailies. From here, you will be able to learn about the various companies available and the most appropriate industries for you which will offer you the salary that you need. You can get information about the various listed employment agencies in Dubai such as Dubai City.
  4. Determine the type of job in Dubai that you want. Establish your skills and qualifications and find out which industry you are best suited for. This tip on how to find a job in Dubai requires you to make considerations on various aspects including the location of the job, the salaries offered and the type of work expected. Industries you can work in Dubai and the percentage of jobs available include Manufacturing: 16 % Finance & Insurance: 2 % Construction: 15 % and Oil Services: 1 %.
  5.  Write the application letter for the Job in Dubai. You should then apply for the job by posting your credentials including an updated CV including your education background, skills and experience level and several referees who will be able to confirm your credentials. While applying for the job in Dubai, you should also indicate the expected salary and the mode of employment that you need which include part time, full time or on contract basis. Most employers in Dubai expect you to include a photo of yourself in your CV, your gender and your nationality. You can format the CV using any style as long as it is presentable and easy to read.
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