How To Find Key Code On Suzuki Motorcycle

Getting a spare set of keys from a Suzuki dealer requires you to know how to find the key code on a Suzuki motorcycle. Although Suzuki dealers are selling the same vehicles and motorcycles, each dealer may do things a littler differently. Due to the inconsistency of the locations of key codes on your Suzuki motorcycle, there may be a few places you need to check before you have the key code.

  1. Always check with the Suzuki dealer. The dealer has access to things you do not, such as Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) databases. Just by having your registration, the dealer has the ability to look up your information about your Suzuki motorcycle. Once a key code is issued, cutting a new set of keys is no problem
  2. If you did not buy the bike from a dealer, call the seller. He/she might have the information you need, such as dealer's location. He/she might even have the key code with old paperwork he/she could not find while trying to sell the motorcycle. If he/she has the code, you can get a new set of keys.
  3. Make sure to check your manual. Most people completely disregard the owner's manual. However, this little booklet might have the key code written in it. You may never know you had the key code the entire time.
  4. Most dealers issue the key code on the keys themselves either directly stamped onto the key or on a metal tag. 

Being diligent in your search will most likely result in a key code. Once found, be sure to keep a record of it stashed away. You never know when you will need it again.

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