How To Find A Lost Hamster

Small rodents like hamsters make great pets, but because they often run lose, you may want to learn how to find a lost hamster.  Hamsters are good escapists and they will then hide in corners and creaks in your home which are difficult to reach.  

  1. Look at the right places.  If you cannot find a lost hamster around its cage, look underneath furniture, beddings, and inside the closet. Places like drawers, cabinets, boxes, and backpacks can also be home to the lost hamster. 
  2. Use treats.  After several failed searches, it may be time to use treats to entice the lost hamster.  Put some treats in each room and place aluminum foil around the food, so you will hear the hamster walking when it approaches the food.  Remember that you need a lot of patience to find a lost hamster, but food usually yields good result, especially when the hamster no longer has a constant supply of food. Close all the doors so the lost hamster cannot run around your entire home. 
  3. Use cages.  Place multiple small hamster cages in area where the lost hamster has walked on.  Put fresh bedding, water, a hamster hut, and food in them.  Chances are you will no longer need to find a lost hamster because it will be resting in one of the cages.  Sprinkle hamster treats to form a path that will lead to a hamster cage. 
  4. Set up a bucket trap.  Buy a small bucket that the hamster will not be able to climb out.  Place thick towels at the bottom and put the lost hamster's favorite food in it.  Make sure that the food is fresh so the hamster can smell it.  Construct a ramp leading to the top of the bucket.  There is a great chance that the lost hamster will be enticed by the food, crawled into the bucket, and not be able to come back out.  
  5. Use human mousetraps. If you have used all the above tricks but your effort is to no avail, you may need to use a human mousetrap to find a lost hamster.  

Tip: Hamsters are nocturnal animals, so stay up late if you are trying to find a lost hamster. 

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