How To Find The Make And Model Of My Boat

Are you wondering how to find the make and model of your boat? Gather all paperwork you received for the boat to help you find the make and model. A boat MIC or Manufacturers Identification Code can be researched through the HIN which is the equivalent of a car's VIN.

  1. Locate and jot down your registration decal information. The information provided can be used to research the make and model of a boat using the issuing state's registration office.
  2. Locate the HIN. The hull id number or HIN will be either on the outside of the boat or on the transom on the starboard side of the boat. The first three alpha characters of the HIN are called the MIC which indicates the manufacturer of the boat. This will help you find the make and model of your boat.
  3. Use the first three alpha characters to trace the manufacturer. Trace the MIC on the coast guards web site. A chart of the most common 15,000 plus companies are listed. Note the MIC may also indicate a home made boat as many states have a separate MIC for people who make and sell boats. Check with the issuing state to find out what the home made boat code is for the state.
  4. Search online to find the boat companies name, address, or possibly a web site. Locate the company and contact them regarding the make and model of a boat.
  5. Contact the boat company. Contact the boat company via e-mail, fax, phone, or letter. Give the company the HIN and as much information as you have and they should be able to tell you the make and model of your boat.
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