How To Find The Maker Of Wedding Ring Numbers

Knowing how to find the maker of wedding ring numbers can be difficult. Franchises are the easiest to get a hold of, but many smaller jewelers haven’t established customer websites with contacts and geographical information. Follow these simple tips for finding out more information on local wedding ring makers.


  1. Determine the type of ring that needs to be purchased. There are many options for the ring buyer. Decide what styles and sizes are needed. This will assist in targeting specific makers and retailers.
  2. Ask family and friends. Loved ones are great sources for recommendations and suggestions. Ask married and engaged relatives about local jewelers, pricing and contact information.
  3. Search it online! Do a basic online search for local wedding ring carriers and jewelry stores. Make a list of ten to fifteen retailers and do more research.
  4. Read bridal magazines. Retailers and franchises might advertise and offer special deals to customers. Some advertisements might even have phone numbers.
  5. Use an old-fashioned phone book. This tip might seem archaic but it is still useful. Look up ring jewelers in the phone book and give them a holler. Ask about promotions, deals, location and competitors.
  6. Go to a franchise website. Large jewelry chains have store locators online. Insert the desired criteria on the locator page in order to find locations.
  7. Call jewelry cleaners, pawn shops and appraisers. These establishments will be more willing to give unbiased information about the various jewelry stores around town.
  8. Contact local clothing and accessory designers. They can direct customers to colleagues who design custom-made jewelry. Some clothing designers also design jewelry.


Good luck with the wedding ring search. Purchases should be thoughtful, timeless and elegant.  This purchase should last a lifetime. After contacting retailers, request more information and compare results.

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