How To Find Mayfair Clock Co. Pocket Watches

How to find Mayfair Clock Co. pocket watches is not an easy task because many of them go back to great-grandfather's day and are usually passed along from generation to generation to keep them in the family.  They are exquisitely made and are elegant and luxury timepieces that create a desire to be owned. These watches are steeped in amazing history as to their craftsmanship and ownership throughout the years. You can get the background on a particular pocket watch from those dealers who specialize in the luxury brands, especially those watches that had limited editions.

  1. Watch Dealers. There are a number of recommended watch dealers that can be reached online to inquire about any selection of Mayfair pocket watches they may have.  The best suggestion, however, is to visit the London watch dealers in the Mayfair area where you can take the pocket watch in your hand to view its workmanship completely and from all angles. 
  2. Fine Watch Shops. The selection of fine shops seems unending, and you can go from one to another to inquire as to any Mayfair pocket watches that might be in stock. There are exclusive speciality shops that would have the best selection.
  3. Pieces of Time (which claims to be the largest retail website in the world) also has a shop in Gray's Antiques Market, and is going to open a watch auction house right in London. Pieces of Time owner, Jonathan Wachsmann, has sold to museums and royalty and is often approached for his watch expertise. 
  4. William & Son. This is a luxury boutique in the elegant Mayfair district which shows many of the world's exclusive watch specimens. 
  5. Mayfair Direct. With over 30 years of experience, Mayfair direct offers handcrafted magnificent jewelry in impeccable taste with a fifteen-day money back guarantee.

For some unexplained reason, timepiece collectors never seem to lose interest in finding another special fascinating pocket watch such as those from the Mayfair Clock Co. to add to their gourmet collection. 

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