How To Find Me Best Payout Slot Machines In Vegas

To find the best payout slot machines in Vegas is the quest of every slots player who visits Sin City. The Nevada Gaming Commission has determined that, by law, slot machines in Las Vegas casinos are required to have a payout percentage on average of 75%. However, this payout is determined over millions of pulls and does not mean this payout can be expected in any particular session. The actual payout average in Vegas slots is estimated to be 95%. The 75% minimum is well below what most casinos advertise and much less than what any slots player would like to see on a machine they will be playing.

The key to find the best payout slot machines is:

  1. Look at the recent history of slot machine payout percentages. Many websites offer the most recent statistics reported, as does the Nevada Gaming Commission. These are offered based on the type and bet amount of the machines as well as on the location. This data will at least let you know where, historically, the best payout slot machines in Vegas are located.
  2. Carefully read the signs around the machines. If the casino advertise its machines have "up to" a certain payout, it may mean that only one machine in the entire casino pays that amount. If, however, the signs say that there is a 98% payout on their slots, that indicates the average for all of the machines is 98%, significantly better.
  3. It is also believed that slots with looser payouts are placed in areas that are visible from long lines, such as where people wait for theaters or meals. The machines are normally not where the people in line are actually waiting, since those are captive audiences and the machines tend to be tighter, so a player looking to find the best payout slot machines in Vegas would do well to avoid these.
  4. An old reliable way to find out which machines have been hitting lately is to ask the slot attendant or change attendant  if they have noticed any machines tending to payout more. Since they anticipate a tip if their lead pays off they are more than willing to help.

There is no guaranteed way to be sure that a player has found the best payout slot machines in Vegas nor that the slot machine chosen is the one that is loose at that time, but with a little advance preparation. paying attention to signs and advice from casino workers, the slot player can give himself the greatest chance.

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