How To Find A Missing Wallet

So you just tried to pay for something, reached into your pocket, and realized that you need to know how to find a missing wallet. It's a gut-wrenching feeling when that small container that holds all of your cards, your drivers license, cash, and whatever personal information you keep inside disappears in a moment of forgetfulness.

To find a missing wallet, keep the following things in mind:

  • Do you think you accidentally left the wallet sitting somewhere, or do you have absolutely no idea what happened to it? If so, start with step one.
  • Do you think the wallet was stolen? If so, start with step three, and act quickly!

Ready to find your missing wallet?

  1. Don't Panic. It's frusterating and stressful to discover that your wallet isn't where you thought it was. Take a deep breath, relax, and don't panic. You want to act quickly in case your wallet has been stolen, but you don't want to panic and cancel all of your cards, just to discover the wallet in your couch cushions an hour later.
  2. Think First. Go ahead and do a brief search of the area where you thought the wallet was, but don't mindlessly search everywhere. Think: "Where was the last place I used my wallet?" Did you have it last time you changed your pants? Did you pay for dinner or gas?
  3. Briefly Research. If you have online banking, check and see the location your card was last used. This step, along with step two, tells you where to start searching, but it also tells you something equally important. Any recent purchases look unfamiliar? This is a pretty sure sign your wallet has been stolen, and immediately need to start calling your bank and whatever institutions issued the other items in your wallet.
  4. Missing, Not Stolen. Start by calling the last place you used your card. Maybe you'll get lucky and somebody will have turned it in! If the establishment doesn't have the wallet, make a meticulous list of everywhere you've been. Include cars you've been in, rooms you've walked through, and people you've talked to. Call any item on the list that you can, and see if you can do a quick search for your missing items.
  5. Stolen, or Still Missing. It's time to protect yourself. Call the issuing bank for any credit or debit cards you have, and also call the issuing agency for any other cards you might have. It helps to create a list of everything that was in your wallet and cross items off of your list as you report them missing and order replacements. Don't forget your driver's license, any other ID cards, Social Security card, or anything else you might have kept together. Start rebuilding your wallet, and you're good to go!

Hopefully, finding a missing wallet is something that you will never have to do. It does happen, however, and there are ways to get around it. Take control of the process, think clearly, and don't let a missing wallet ruin your life!

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