How To Find Models

So you want to know how to find models? Models are just like regular girls. The only difference between a model and a regular girl is that models get paid to look hot. If you want to get a beautiful model, you must begin by finding her.

In order to find a model, you will need:

  • Confidence
  1. Locate your model by expressing an interest in fashion. If you live in a big city, attend a fashion show. Wait until the show ends to approach her. If a fashion show is not your scene, head to a local bar or club after the show ends. Many models hit the clubs after a show.
  2. Scope models out in the stores. Most models are over five feet nine inches tall. If you want to find a model, look for the tallest girls around. Modeling agencies don't typically accept shorter girls.
  3. Head to the agency. Modeling agencies won't provide any model information or allow you to contact one of their models. Stand nearby the agency. Don't look like a stalker or crazy man though. You don't want to spook the models. Look for potential models entering or leaving the agency. Strike a casual conversation with the model. Pay her a compliment. Ask her for directions. Whatever your approach, be confident, cool, and collected. Never come on too strong.
  4. Look on the web. Many models have social networking pages like and Remember, models are regular girls. Modeling is just their career choice. Search for a girl who works as a model. Even if you don't find an actual model, you may be able to find a girl who looks just as good as a model.



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