How To Find Out What My Girlfriend Is Texting

Have you ever thought to yourself, "I need to know how to find out what my girlfriend is texting"? Not that we condone any invasions of personal privacy among couples, but we came up with three pretty underhanded ways to get the job done. We have to warn you, if you get busted you’ll really be in for some trouble, but if you really want to know how to find out what your girlfriend is texting, read on.

  1. Look over her shoulder. Plain and simple. Just stand behind her, hug her, hold her, do what you gotta do, just get behind her. This is an obvious and bold move, and she may call you out on it on the spot. But if you want to find out what your girlfriend is texting, this is the safest of these three sneaky options.
  2. Lurk. Creepy? Yes. Desperate? Yes. Will you find out what your girlfriend is texting? Yes! Hang around as long as you have to until she takes a shower or goes to sleep. Then, grab her phone, hide somewhere safe and snoop away! Shame on you! But at least you will find out what your girlfriend is texting.
  3. Edit her contacts. Before attempting this you must take a deep breath and ask yourself, “Do I really need to find out what my girlfriend is texting?” If the answer is yes, be warned that you will surely get busted. But you will also know what (and who) your girlfriend is texting. You’ll need to get a hold of her phone, just like before. But this time, edit all of her contact numbers and change them to your number. Leave the names the same, just edit the numbers. All the messages that you’re your girlfriend is texting will go to your phone, and she’ll be none the wiser. At first that is. Hope the information you’re looking for is worth the aftermath you will suffer when she finds you out.

These are all pretty sneaky and underhanded ways to get the information you’re looking for. Though they may work, if they backfire you’re doomed. So before you try them, ask yourself if you really need to know what your girlfriend is texting. Sometimes ignorance is bliss.



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