How To Find Out When Someone Opens A Bank Account

It might violate the right to privacy of another individual, but sometimes it is useful to know how to find out when someone opens a bank account. An outside observer may believe that this sort of information is particularly useful in a marriage where one partner does not trust the other, although the same observer should remember that speculating about such matter is none of his business.

  1. Contact the ChexSystem Offices. If a person works for a lender or similar agency, this option works better than it does for someone who does not.
  2. Ask for a report on that person’s recent activities. ChexSystem is used by many banks to determine whether or not if a person who wants to open a bank account is a credit risk. Merely contacting the agency does not tell you if another person tried to open a bank account recently.
  3. Request a report on the name of the person who opened the new bank account. An individual who recently tried to open an account  will have a request for information from this organization.  The report will include the name of the requesting bank.
  4. Even if the above steps work, a Chexsystems report still does not tell the seeker of such information when his subject opened a new bank account or even if he did.  If the seeker is a relative or a spouse, he should contact the bank and find out if the person the seeker requested the report from Chexsystems on opened a new account.

Few people actually need to know when another person opened another bank account, but when a person does need to know this information, the above steps allow the seeker of the information to know when someone else opened a bank account.



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