How To Find Out Who Owns A Domain Name

Have you ever needed to learn how to find out who owns a domain name? Perhaps you're looking for contact information when nothing is listed on a particular website. You might even have a complaint about content or copyright infringement. Finding a domain owner isn’t hard, if you know where to look. All you need is access to the internet.

For example purposes, we will perform a WHOIS look up on

  1. Go to to perform a WHOIS look up. A WHOIS look up requests information on a domain’s registrar.
  2. On the homepage, just under the company logo header, you will see a dialog box labeled “WHOIS Lookup.” Enter the domain name you want to search. In our example, we would type in “mademan”
  3. Select the appropriate top-level domain (.com, .net, .org, etc.) In our example, we would select “.com.”
  4. Press “Go!”
  5. The WHOIS look up will return information on the domain name, including the registrar. The registrar is usually (although not always) the site’s hosting company. Under the registrar heading, you will see a URL. This address is usually something like Write this URL down or copy it to your browser’s clipboard. In our example, the WHOIS look up lists GoDaddy as the registrar and shows the URL
  6. Go to the URL listed for the domain’s registrar.
  7. Depending on the registrar, there should be a search box to enter the domain in question. Just type in the domain address and press “Go,” “Look up,” or whatever button the site shows to start your domain namesearch. Continuing with our example, we type in “mademan,” select “.com,” and press “Go!”
  8. The resulting data should list the domain name owner, unless the owner has opted to keep their contact information private. In our example, the contact information is public. Our search results show that Break Media owns the domain “” Contact information including mailing address, and both administrative and technical email addresses are listed. Additionally, the date the domain name was registered displays as well as the date the registration expires.
  9. In cases where the owner of a domain has elected to keep their contact information private, the search results would be a little different. Rather than listing the actual owner, results will list the registrar along with a contact email address for that registrar. You can email the domain owner via this contact and the registrar will forward the message to the domain owner, if necessary.
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