How To Find Out Your MPH In Running

Though most running performance metrics use minutes per mile, knowing how to find out your MPH in running can satisfy your curiosity and give you certain bragging rights. When tracking your MPH (miles per hour), compare yourself to yourself. Running faster than you did last week feels good. Comparing your land speed to a cheetah or an '87 Camaro does not.

  1. Run your normal route. Time yourself with a stopwatch. You will need to know how long this route is in miles to figure out your MPH.
  2. Divide the number of minutes you ran by the number of miles to determine your minutes per mile. For example, if you ran five miles in 50 minutes, you're running a ten-minute mile.
  3. Apply the following formula: One divided by your minutes per mile, times 60, or (1/mpm)*60. With the above example, running a ten-minute mile means you're running at (1/10)*(60) = 6 MPH.

Once you memorize this formula for MPH, it's not too hard to do it on the fly while running, at least not until the oxygen deprivation makes it hard to work out your middle name. It even gives you something to think about besides your aching legs and burning lungs. A number of runners' websites offer calculators and converters that can calculate MPH for you with a couple of keystrokes. There is even an iPhone app that will use the GPS and internal clock to track your distance, incline, route, minutes per mile and miles per minute. With an inexpensive attachment, it will even track your heartbeat. All this while pumping out your library of workout tunes.

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