How To Find People In Trier, Germany

Knowing how to find people in Trier, Germany is imperative when looking for current acquaintances, old friends or possible ancestors in the oldest city in Deutschland. A few strokes on a keyboard and a couple clicks on a mouse could be all you need depending on the information you have on hand. With the relatively small population of Trier, Germany, you shouldn’t have much trouble using the websites below to find the person you seek.

  1. Das Telefonbuch. Don’t worry, you have the option to view the site in English, so being fluent in German, or even knowing what Das means, isn’t necessary. Das Telefonbuch is the German version of the phone book online. You will need the name of the person you are searching for in Trier, Germany to conduct a search. Knowing a street address, even if it is just approximate, is helpful to weed out multiple people who share the same name.
  2. Pipl. This is another free online site that allows you to find people in Trier, Germany. Pipl requires a first and last name, and the results are hit and miss. Sometimes the results are provided by free access sites and sometimes they aren’t. To search on Pipl you will also need the two letter country code for Germany, which is DE.
  3. Infobel. Infobel allows you to search several sites for the person in question and returns any info, including address and phone number, free. You will need the name of the person and may be directed to a site in German. However, the numbers and address are clearly noted to be sure you are actually finding people in Trier, Germany.
  4. Recordsfinder. This is a paid site that provides customers with access to the public records of the person they seek. The fee ranges from $19.99 for ten search credits to $29.99 for 25 credits. You do have the option to find people in Trier, Germany, through this site, but using a paid site should be a last resort.
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